DEFRA LIDAR Data and sea levels for mapping

Data summary page 2m best for overview of peninsula LIDAR Composite DTM – 1m cover most of village LIDAR Composite DTM – 50cm comes just past Sandy Lane LIDAR Composite DTM – 25cm as good as 50cm Licence details to check Attribution statement: © Environment Agency copyright and/or database right 2015. All rights reserved. DEFRA … Read moreDEFRA LIDAR Data and sea levels for mapping

Draft for WHG Book

Contents  Book Draft as at 2Feb19 Bits in red are comments not part of the text. Most pics to be added. Guidelines for authors Poss Cover pic?       Section Who     Photos Copyright checked Text reviewed? Status Remarks, comments, actions   Cover picture and title“Waldringfield on the Deben”a small, insignificant village or? a … Read moreDraft for WHG Book