QR Codes

These are patterns of dots that, by using an “app” can be scanned by smartphones and tablets and take the user directly to a web page. This could be text, a video, an audio or indeed anything that can be put on a webpage. By printing these in the book it is possible to show … Read moreQR Codes


Mining in the village We’d “Pits.” deep dug for raising, Far down below the ground. An animal excretion as fossil shipped away: Then ground for fertiliser. Much used this time of day. 1950s My Village by G Waller [PIC LIDAR map of valley1/4 page] The valley leading up from Sandy Lane to School Road has … Read moreExcavations

Draft for WHG Book

Contents  Book Draft as at 2Feb19 Bits in red are comments not part of the text. Most pics to be added. Guidelines for authors Poss Cover pic?       Section Who     Photos Copyright checked Text reviewed? Status Remarks, comments, actions   Cover picture and title“Waldringfield on the Deben”a small, insignificant village or? a … Read moreDraft for WHG Book

Book Panel on Church

All Saints Church [PIC Church] Domesday lists 640 settlements in Suffolk of which 178 had mills and 345 had churches but no mention of ours.1 Those at Martlesham and Newbourne are both believed to be eleventh century or earlier. The extant architecture of All Saints at Waldringfield is described as Early English, probably thirteenth to fourteenth century 23.  … Read moreBook Panel on Church

Water Mills

Dear Bob – Illustrations of English medieval watermills are rare; one of the best is in the Luttrell Psalter made in Lincolnshire in the early-mid C14. It shows (maybe with some artistic licence) a mill with a vertical waterwheel attached to a simple timber framed building. Most mills of this date (and much later)  would … Read moreWater Mills