1592 Spinney or Spinny or Spennye near Hemley

On the edge of our parish.Spinny marsh on modern OS map near Early Creek on west side of river.  Interesting in respect of visibility down to the river. Needs more work one day.

There are several mentions of Spennye in 1592 Hamley & Haspley in Court Rolls. Transcript below:

1592 Hemley & Haspley SRO HD2454-3-2

Folio 1

Manor of Waldringfield Hilton

Part of the survey of the said Manor now John

Purpet gent of the town & fields? of Hemley with

the hamlet of Haspley made Clearly? by Divers records

of divers manor, of formerly supervisor there made

so by oath of Walter Turnor: Thomas Day,

Willi[am] Wardsman, Thomas Smyth and others,

by sight? and perambulation Robert Donne & John Donne

Gent Supervisor there in the year of the reign of the lady Elizabeth

by the grace of God Queen of England France and Ireland Defender of the faith etc

thirty four

Folio 3 versa

the said Nicholas Redgrave aforesaid held a parcel


Sanders Close

Mr Bloyse

lying in the close called Sanders Close

between the lands recently Manor of Martlesham –

Newborne on the part of both together and abbutt upon

croft held recently John Markant rent

recently of the said Treasurer of Butley towards

the Southest and upon the Common way leading towards

Spynney Common called Fellian Stetchway

towards Northwest and contains by estimate

one acre, and the aforesaid held and aforesaid

15 acres of land called Abrams Rent

the same per annum 3/4d.,

folio 4

Charles Cornwallis Squire hold free of the rent of the aforesaid Manor

One enclosure of land & pasture lately Stephen

Colbie called Buxtofte lately Christofer



Stephan Cobes

Mr Bloyse

Backlor held Jollicockes in the fee of the manor of

Martlesham on the part of the Sowthwest

situated tenti Jollicocks vacant in part &

Buxtoft lately John Goslin in part on the part of the

Northeast and abbutts upon desmesne lands

recently the said Cristopfer Bakler called

Buxtoft in part and the land which leads

towards the Spynye called Fysselane in part

towards the West and upon Buxtoft lately John

Goslin towards the East, and contains by estimate

2 acres. And the rent thereof per annum but made

by rent of the said manor aforesaid there renewed of the said

year 8– of the said Queen now Elizabeth etc., 4d

page 4 versa

And one pightle of land & pasture therefrom lately the said



Mr Bloyse

John Goslin lying in the close called

Cronokes formerly Walter Fulbarne lying

between the land in the fee of the said former Treasury of

Butley Tenament Cronokes on the part of the east &

land of the Manor of Martlesham in the same

pightle on the part of the west and abbutts upon Spynye

towards the South & upon Buxtoftclose towards the

North And contains by estimation one



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