The group shall be called ” Waldringfield History Group “. Its objectives are to promote the study of the history of the village, tell villagers about it and record it for posterity.


Membership shall be open to all persons on payment of the appropriate subscription. The committee will consider all applications for membership. The committee may reject any application for membership. The classes of membership are:-

Full Membership – entitled to attend all meetings, have access to all information and be able to vote at the Annual or other General Meetings.

Associate membership – probably non resident but with an interest. There is no membership fee and access is allowed to selected information. There is no entitlement to vote at the Annual or other General Meetings. (Probably used mainly to grant priveliged website access).

Honorary Membership
This can be conferred by the Voting Committee and is likely to be carried out only rarely. Annual membership fees are waived. There is no entitlement to vote.

The annual membership fees shall be due in September. The annual fee is set by the committee at the AGM and may be set at zero.

The Committee of the group shall comprise the Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to three other members who wish to be a committee member. All to be elected annually at the AGM.  The quorum of a Voting Committee meeting shall be the Chairman plus three other members of which one must be either Secretary or Treasurer. The Voting Committee shall have the power to fill any vacancy amongst the Officers of the group.No officer shall hold the same post for more than 3 consecutive years.

The Committee shall hold and administer for the benefit of the membership all funds, equipment, artefacts and information (including photographs, documents and books) owned by the group. This excludes items held privately by members on loan to the group.


The AGM shall be held between 1st September and 31st December each year and at least two weeks notice given to members which shall identify those members of the Committee who are standing again and request nominations for the Committee. The quorum of an AGM or other General Meeting shall be 6 members.

Nominations may be made to the secretary at any time up to or at the AGM.

The financial year shall run between consecutive AGMs.

Decisions at General Meetings will be taken by a simple majority of votes cast except where specified elsewhere in these rules.

Waldringfield History Group may only be dissolved at a General Meeting. A two-thirds majority of votes cast will be needed to wind up the group. Should the group be wound up any net assets will be distributed to the Village Hall.


Adopted on behalf of the group at the AGM by

Chairman:   ____________________  
Secretary:   ____________________  
Treasurer:   ____________________  


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