Draft for WHG Book

Contents  Book Draft as at 2Feb19

Bits in red are comments not part of the text. Most pics to be added.

Guidelines for authors

Poss Cover pic?



  Section Who     Photos Copyright checked Text reviewed? Status Remarks, comments, actions
  Cover picture and title“Waldringfield on the Deben”a small, insignificant village or? a paradise on Earth       Select cover picture    
1 Contents            

Introduction to book and village

The History Group

BC/GT       To do Do this last
3 The photograph collection GT       Good Pic of camera etc at Museum to do
5 Some walks through time BC/GT       Good  
4 Early days the first Millenium GT       Good Cross referencing and paragraph on recent excavations to do

Place Name of Waldringfield

Name of the Deben

The changing River Deben





Map of features

Minor checks to do on names, Check Stonnor Pt. & Pic



A walk along the River in 1348  withPanel on Church

Panel on Mill

The Court Rolls

BC       Good

Pic Newbourne Cog

Kit’s painting

Photos of artefacts

Finalise maps (labels)

  Waldringfield’s ring of Churches BC       Good  
8 A walk along the River in the 19C           Kitty’s painting of Maybush. Offer to do mini chapter sketches.
  The Cement Factory  GT       Fair Needs an update
  1894 Stollery drowning newspaper transcript         Good  
  Sailing Barges  BC       Good Check Orinoco, West Mersea, SSBR
9 Pre WW2 walk JH<       To do  

A Walk along the river in 1944

WW2 Panels to fit in as appropriate.

WW2 walk extra material


Post WW2 Walk notes, sections below are related and follow.


  Houses on Cement Works Site           photos to add
  The Boatyard and boat building MNGT          
  The Maybush GT         Pic spinner & sign
  The Sailing Club ML         Needs a tidy + Regattas
  The Beach Huts AV         Rotating hut?
  Fairway Committee and Buoyage BC       Good Charts to finish Scrubbing posts date
  Messing about in Boats BC       Good check Palmer/Nunn /wrecks/ Dragonfly/Jahan/ColindaPics Check/Punch/Round Island Race
  Roy Tricker Church Section?            
  Panels to mix in text         Good  
  Measures and money         Good  
  Hugh Pearl – RIP  BC       Good Optional
   English Heritage Deben Assessment  BC       To do Optional
  What next?         Good  

  • Lords of the Manor
  • Rectors
  • Census data
  List of pictures, illustrations and Acknowledgements            
  List of Illustrations            
  Our Sources and Bibliography         Good  
  Appendix to book            
  Using QR Codes & website BC       To do  
  End picture/map           Map of village with boundary, roads, paths.
  Quotes to use in book            
  Include bits from            
  Extracts from The Deben River by Robert Simper:
1952 ads from Tye Book
  Book Consultation for April 4th            
  ActionsCheck all copyrights
Check for inconsistencies across text esp capitalisation
Put into book form (Word/InDesign)
Get website preparedInc QR codes
Print draftBookmarks

ISBN costs £89

  Copies to:
Bodleian Library






Draft for experiment and practice

Best so far with pictures is to create a 1×1 cell table, paste picture,insert caption. Then need to play around with size, alignment and borders. Take care to select the table not the photo when moving.

The two column layout looks good BUT the text dies at the right hand edge and I don’t know why, prints OK though.. It aslo does not start columns until the second or third page. Can’t make end-notes go where I want. Feel free to lexperiment and learn from file below. Eventually we’ll figure it out.

I’ve tried Publisher which is only good for very final layout. It does not do any index or cross referencing. Adobe InDesign is the pro option but very complex. Scribus is worth investigating for layout. Other options are Word, InDesign, Outsource.

181214 Book Draft A

Reference material

Typography article

Copyright information

Photos are here

List of all photos as s/sheet

Book print layout draft Oct 2017 – includes most of the text plus blanks for some sections. Spaces included for pics. There will be some more material to add and we will probably need more space for pictures. Current guess is 120 to 140 pages.

Quotes for printing



Notes on layout and font

Template A4-landscape





Self-Publishing Basics: 5 Book Binding Styles Illustrated







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