1873 – 1878 Leases on Quay Maltings

Record office HB8/5/417

 a lease between AT Cobbold and John Hill dated 11 Oct 1873 for the land at the quay including malting house, sheds stables and garden in all 2 acres. It was for 14 years at £30 pa. To last until 1887

In 1878 the lease was cancelled by Mason’s.

In 1878 it would appear there was a disagreement after Arthur sold the land to Mason’s (at Auction?) between John Hill and Arthur and Mason’s. John presumably thought his tenancy was secure but in fact it appears it wasn’t and went to solicitors. John then complained that he would have bid for it at auction if he had been aware that his tenancy wasn’t perfect but had been either wrongly advised or under a misunderstanding that it wasn’t. Arthur I think offered it to him at £300 less than the auction price but John refused presumably because he wanted to rent on the existing tenancy or couldn’t afford to buy. Mason’s offered to refresh the lease for 12 months and then replace it at the same amount  with a new one at the same rent. Arthur advises (from Colchester) that John should take it as he won’t get a better offer and Mason’s say if he doesn’t take it then he will be evicted.

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