1035 and 1044 gift of land Leofgifu

From “Earls, ceorls, thegns and lords: English society on the eve of the Conquest (UEA)” – author not specified.

between 1035 and 1044, the East Anglian lady Leofgifu 1)Leofgifu comes from the words for Love and Gift, a pretty name  gave Godric her reeve the land at Waldringfield, Suffolk, which she had previously loaned to him.[i]

[i]  S.1458, 1503, 1536, 1521. (others don’t apply) Some of the references in Domesday Book to restrictions on the alienation of land (non potuit vendere and similar formulae) probably represent lænland tenures.

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  • S1521 A.D. 1035 x 1044. Will of Leofgifu, including bequests of land at Hintlesham, Essex, and Gestingthorpe, Suffolk, to Bury St Edmunds; the minster at (? Earls) Colne, Essex, to Æthelric and Ælfric, priests, and Æthelsige, deacon; land at Belchamp (? Walter), Essex, to her lady; land at (? Great) Bentley, Essex, to Alfweard, bishop (of London); at Boreham, Essex, to her kinsman Ælfgar; at Bramford, Suffolk, to her kinsman Ælfric, Wihtgar’s son; at at Willesham, Suffolk, to Stigand; at Stonham, Waldingfield, Suffolk, and Little St Osyth, Essex, to Æthelric, her brother’s son; at Haughley, Suffolk, to her daughter Ælfflæd; 3 hides at Warley, Essex, to Godwine, her brother-in-law; land at Stonham, Suffolk, to Æthelmær, (her reeve); 30 acres at Waldingfield, Suffolk, to Godric, her reeve at Waldingfield; land at Lawford, Essex, to Æthelric, her chaplain, and Ælfric and other servants; 1 hide at Forendale to Æthelric the priest. English, Bury St Edmunds


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1. Leofgifu comes from the words for Love and Gift, a pretty name

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