Water Mills

Dear Bob – Illustrations of English medieval watermills are rare; one of the best is in the Luttrell Psalter made in Lincolnshire in the early-mid C14. It shows (maybe with some artistic licence) a mill with a vertical waterwheel attached to a simple timber framed building. Most mills of this date (and much later)  would … Read moreWater Mills

Deductions from our Domesday Book entries

Waldringfield is mentioned in the 10C in the 0955 Will of Bishop Theodred. In the early 11C there is also a Possible gift of land between 1035 and 1044 when the East Anglian lady Leofgifu gave Godric her reeve the land at Waldringfield, Suffolk, which she had previously loaned to him. However, this may be … Read moreDeductions from our Domesday Book entries