1587 Holinsheds Chronicles

Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland was a complete description of everything about Elizabethan Britain. There were 1577 and 1587 editions. The Description of England  was complied by William Harrison.  Of local interest: Volume 4 on Scotland is dedicated to Thomas Seckford. To the Right worshipfull Maister Thomas Secford Esquire and Maister of the … Read more1587 Holinsheds Chronicles

Water Mills

Dear Bob – Illustrations of English medieval watermills are rare; one of the best is in the Luttrell Psalter made in Lincolnshire in the early-mid C14. It shows (maybe with some artistic licence) a mill with a vertical waterwheel attached to a simple timber framed building. Most mills of this date (and much later)  would … Read moreWater Mills

Medieval Roads and Tracks by Paul Hindle

A short book (Bob has copy) giving some techniques for analysing where roads were. Whilst interesting there did not seem to be many clues as to how we can rediscover ours. One tip was the University of Cambridge collection of aerial photographs which is worth following up. 

1327 Green Book Subsidy Return

1327  di Brok Willmo 1327 Abraham Odone 1327 Baldewyne Matilda 1327 Bast Roberto 1327 Clerico Semano 1327 Cok Roberto 1327 de Bosco Edmundo 1327 de Bosco Willo 1327 de Carleton Gilberto 1327 de Ouerwade Ricardo 1327 de Ouerwade Alexandro 1327 de Suthwald Henrico 1327 de Verdoun Johanne 1327 de Wodebregge Randulph 1327 de Wodeforde Alicia … Read more1327 Green Book Subsidy Return

2015 Prof Mark Bailey The Black Death in Suffolk and Waldringfield talk

Here’s the sound track of Mark’s talk as well as the slides black-death-waldringfield Extracted notes: Social structure: Rivershall manor 1367   —3 free holdings, yielding total 7s. 6d. rent pa, 3+ tenants —11 unfree (‘bond’, ‘customary’) holdings, total 28s. 3½d. rent pa, 13+ tenants e.g. Roger and Juliana Tidy hold 1 messuage + 10 acres, … Read more2015 Prof Mark Bailey The Black Death in Suffolk and Waldringfield talk