1898 Feb 23rd Evening Star SB Augusta Seaman drowned in the Deben

IPSWICH SEAMAN DROWNED IN THE DEBEN. On Tuesday Walter Brook Eng. Coroner for the Liberty of St. Etheldreda, held an inquest on George Juby, of Ipswich, mariger, aged 31 years, who was drowned at Waldringfield on Thursday last. George Brooks, of Tomline Road, St. Clement’s, skipper of the barge Augusta, stated he had known the … Read more1898 Feb 23rd Evening Star SB Augusta Seaman drowned in the Deben

Waldringfield’s ring of Churches

In 1999 David Aldred wrote an article in the River Deben Association magazine1 which was rediscovered whilst searching for articles relevant to Waldringfield. This described a surprising circular arrangement of other Churches around Waldringfield at a radius of two old Suffolk miles. Also W.G.Arnott2 suggests the locations of local Churches relate to pre seawall access … Read moreWaldringfield’s ring of Churches

1912 Demolition of Cement Works

Bedfordshire times and independent 9 august 1912 cement factory – demolition Imperfect text version The training of the East Anglian Royal Engineers rapidly drawing to a clou Until early this week the weather was fairly favorable for life ander Ca y or a clay or rainha pelted down from to night, but the silver lining … Read more1912 Demolition of Cement Works