1893 George Mason newspaper obituary

Ipswich Journal – Sat 14th Oct 1893 Death of Mr George Mason At Ipswich Another link in the chain of busy, shrewd, far-seeing men who in their day played a prominent part in making Ipswich the prosperous commercial centre it is to-day, has been suddenly snapped, and that so suddenly that the inhabitants of the … Read more1893 George Mason newspaper obituary

Stollery drowning – newspaper transcript

Stollery drowning -East Anglian Daily Times Tuesday May 11th 1894.doc East Anglian Daily Times Tuesday May 11th 1894 TERRIBLE BOATING ACCIDENT ON THE DEBEN Six of a family drowned The pleasure making attendant on Whit Monday which was so much enjoyed throughout East Anglia had an awful termination in the case of one family of … Read moreStollery drowning – newspaper transcript

RDA Deben Reminiscences by John Adams

Extracts for book:   1944 and a posting to Suffolk was received with an overwhelming lack of enthusiasm for surely it was part of East Anglia where there were marshlands, drains, windmills and probably numerous natives with their digits in the dykes. One of the first of these natives was a Mr. Nunn, proprietor of … Read moreRDA Deben Reminiscences by John Adams

Morten Loder of Woodbridge

Quote from Shandygaff eBook  Christopher Morley This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 257 pages of information about Shandygaff. John Loder was born in Woodbridge, August 3, 1825.  His grandfather, Robert Loder, founded the family bookselling and printing business, which continues to-day at the old shop on the Thoroughfare under John Loder’s son, Morton Loder.  … Read moreMorten Loder of Woodbridge

1912 Demolition of Cement Works

Bedfordshire times and independent 9 august 1912 cement factory – demolition Imperfect text version The training of the East Anglian Royal Engineers rapidly drawing to a clou Until early this week the weather was fairly favorable for life ander Ca y or a clay or rainha pelted down from to night, but the silver lining … Read more1912 Demolition of Cement Works

1901 a pair of detatched cottages (The Orchard) for sale 30 July

It states that it is opposite Deben Villa (Novacastries) for sale by the late Jame Sheldrake and  Eliza Sheldrake Widow was living near Deben Villa on the 1891 census also states that it is no 60 on the os map, The Orchard is the plot no 60 on both the 1881 and the 1927 os … Read more1901 a pair of detatched cottages (The Orchard) for sale 30 July