1939 National Registration Day Register

WALDRINGFIELD – SEPTEMBER 29TH 1939 NATIONAL REGISTRATION DAY 1931 Census destroyed by air raid on London 1941 Census never taken From www.findmypast.co.uk ‘On September 1st, 1939 Germany invaded Poland, putting the wheels in motion for Britain to declare war on the 3rd. On September 5th, the National Registration Act received royal assent and Registrar General … Read more1939 National Registration Day Register

Ransomes workers at Brewey aka Greenaways WW2

Greenaway photos – ladies working, post war, in Greenaways for Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies 1 and 2    L to R       Bessie Spall, paternal aunt to Martin Spall                                             Edie Sparks,                                         Unknown Miss Planten      and   unknown in the background Grace Turner – Mrs George Turner Senior  (of Deben                                                                                House, previously The Guest House)                                      … Read moreRansomes workers at Brewey aka Greenaways WW2

2009 Slide Presentation Waldringfield at War

Slide Show Part One 2009 WAW talk part one Part Two2009 WAW talk part two   Scripts used in the talk WAW Script Gerald and Mary Roger Price WW2 recollections WAW Script Wartime recollections of Andrew Haig WAW Script Militarised Village and Bigbobs Bobs final version WAW Script Alyson Gareth WAW Script A Suffolk Village … Read more2009 Slide Presentation Waldringfield at War

1939 to 1945 Waldringfield Parish Records

7/3/1939    at Village Hall A.R.P. Mr. Haig,the senior warden, reported that 13 people including the First Aid squad had attended a Red Cross course & all had passed the examination. That the Utility Squad were now attending an Anti-Gas course of instruction. That the Village Hall was to be the first aid point – gas … Read more1939 to 1945 Waldringfield Parish Records

1940s Wartime recollections of Andrew Haig

The outbreak of the Second World War started on Sunday, 3rd September 1939, when we listened to the sombre words of Neville Chamberlain declaring war on Germany. The day before had been my 18th Birthday. It was a lovely hot day but I spent it digging the trench in the garden to make an air … Read more1940s Wartime recollections of Andrew Haig

2009 Interview with Doug Canham

Audio Source type MP3 Subject  Doug Canham Interviewer  Gareth Thomas Mary Tucker Date of recording  2010 Copyright?  N         Douglas Canham (known as Doug) born 22 November 1922. Recorded interview on 29th January 2009 by Mary Tucker and Gareth Thomas     with Doug regarding his memories of the 2nd World War: Question:  The … Read more2009 Interview with Doug Canham