Cement raw materials including digging for mud

Walter Tye: There was no more familiar sight on the Deben, fifty to sixty years ago, than that of the old mud barge, the Kingfisher, leaving the quay. Old Jack Stebbings was the skipper and Ben Page, brother of the Newbourn giant, was his mate. Their favourite place for getting the mud was opposite Whitehall … Read moreCement raw materials including digging for mud

1873 – 1878 Leases on Quay Maltings

Record office HB8/5/417  a lease between AT Cobbold and John Hill dated 11 Oct 1873 for the land at the quay including malting house, sheds stables and garden in all 2 acres. It was for 14 years at £30 pa. To last until 1887 In 1878 the lease was cancelled by Mason’s. In 1878 it … Read more1873 – 1878 Leases on Quay Maltings

1035 and 1044 gift of land Leofgifu

From “Earls, ceorls, thegns and lords: English society on the eve of the Conquest (UEA)” – author not specified. between 1035 and 1044, the East Anglian lady Leofgifu 1)Leofgifu comes from the words for Love and Gift, a pretty name  gave Godric her reeve the land at Waldringfield, Suffolk, which she had previously loaned to … Read more1035 and 1044 gift of land Leofgifu

0955 Will of Bishop Theodred

The earliest record we have yet found is the Will of Bishop Theodred in 955 1) Electronic Sawyer – S1526 Will of Bishop Theodred. https://esawyer.lib.cam.ac.uk/charter/1526.html. Accessed 26 Oct. 2019. which grants Waldringfield to his nephew Osgot. “Osgot (my sisters son) I grant the estate at Mendham (except I wish that the minster and a hide … Read more0955 Will of Bishop Theodred